Who are we?

Our vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of Internet and give them the empowerment to learn, create and grow.

Cet Hosting is the company that you need to buy the most stable hosting for your website. Our company is in charge of giving you the best experience to fulfill your dreams in forming a website. We focus on small or large businesses that seek to compete with their products in the online market.

Something that identifies us at Cet Hosting is that we do all the heavy lifting in record time and with fair payments. We think about your integration into digital commerce in an efficient way in which you see quick benefits. Each of our domains is verified and has lifetime care support.

You are Safe

Securely host and manage multiple sites with built-in scheduled daily backups, 2 Factor Authentication, and multi-user permission management.

Easy to use

Getting your site up is quick and intuitive. Deploy your workflows via Git integration (Github, Gitlab), push code to the server via SSH or use the 1-click app-installer.

Direct Support

Need help? Our support team is available 24/7 to help with all of your domain needs. Just reach us via the direct Phone call or reach us at online support portal via the support ticket.

Wordwide Coverage

We are a company that has been selling hosting for years to more than 170 countries that we currently dominate. We do not exercise the service to compete with other companies, but we do it out of love and commitment to new clients.

Total Security

We offer maximum security after you buy the domain avoiding cyberattacks or harmful errors. We are a company that you can trust for our level of security that is verifiable. More than 99.9% of our clients feel satisfied with the way we work and improve every day.

Tracking System

We currently have a work team made up of 29 million users almost all over the world. Every day more than 10,000 people contact us to ask for advice and are part of this great family. You can join our system today and have the highest quality in your website's domains, hosting, and architecture.

What our customers think

“Just had an awesome support experience at CETHOSTING shout out to Saptami and Dinaz.”
Sara Johnon
"Hey CetHosting just had the best customer service from Susmitha! Thank you !!!!"
John Milson
Looca CTO
"Been a CetHosting customer for, I don’t know, at least 12 years, and support is still as friendly and nimble today… ”
Ben Lourenson
GGO Founder


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Our accommodations can be monthly or annual, which expands your chances of buying the domain. You can save a lot of money with our hosting per month or receive wonderful discounts for annual hosting. You have the freedom to take the most convenient hosting according to how much money you want to invest in your website.

We master the largest amount of online hosting for you to buy the most affordable or expensive. To acquire these domains, you will not have to do a complicated registration but enter some basic information. In less than a minute, you will have the basis for your website, and you can worry about improving its architecture.

Address for correspondence

Hermelijnzoom, 2643 KW, Netherland, Pijnacker